At Chattermill, we have the pleasure of working with the most exciting and forward thinking companies in the world 😎

This has allowed us to gain a strong understanding of best practice when it comes to data collection, using our tool and analysing your customer data in a way that gives you the most actionable and meaningful insight from customer verbatim, possible.

As a user of Chattermill, you have access to a wide range of filters. Our most successful users engage with our platform daily and with this being the case, we strive to ensure the workflow when using Chattermill is a lean and efficient as possible. With that being said, we recommend the following features:

Custom Segments - allow you to save states and access them whoever you see fit, with relative ease. For example, if your job role permits that you focus specifically on a segment of customers that meet a specific criteria, you can use custom segments to ensure that you only ever view data for this segment of customers. 

Dashboards - are incredibly powerful, they allow you to save complex, detailed charts so you can view these whenever you see fit, without having to recreate the charts. Our most successful users create dashboards for specific departments or territories 

Search Functionality - can be used to identify a set of comments based on a specific set of filters and is great for drilling down into more detail. You can also view our Search Cheat Sheet here.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch - [email protected]

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