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S3 integration

Send your data to and from Chattermill via AWS S3 service

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S3 is an Amazon Web Services service that is one of the best ways to store and share large volumes of data. It is particularly useful when integrated with other AWS services such as Redshift, RDS or DynamoDB. There are easy to use libraries (also known as SDKs) for S3 in most languages.

When you enable this integration we create an S3 bucket with the name such as as cm-awesomeco (assuming your company is called Awesome Co) which will be used to send data to and from Chattermill

Sending data to Chattermill

The files need to be uploaded into the following destination:


using the credentials we provide you with. Please make sure to specify the region as eu-west-1. Here's an example for your NPS dataset:


We support exports in JSON or CSV formats. Please make sure to include a date in the file name. Here's an example of how your file can be called:


Include any data you deem relevant 


  1. The score and date fields are required. We also require at least one unique identifier (response_id here) for each record for deduplication but it can have a different name.

  2. Please ensure that individual files are no larger than 300MB

  3. Kindly do not upload zipped files, as Chattermill ingests files directly from S3

  4. Please reach out to [email protected] with any questions.

Receiving data from Chattermill

Chattermill files will be saved in the same bucket in the following way:


The structure of the data will be similar to the one described above but will include themes we have generated. We prefer JSON format for our uploads, but can also support CSV.


  • By default we create buckets in the eu-west-1 region. This can be changed if you want to store your data elsewhere.

  • We can also use a bucket you created on your account. Please reach out to Support if this is what you prefer.

  • File naming and structure can be customised when required. Please reach out to Support if you need help in this regard.

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