Create a report

Create a report to visualize and compare your data.

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Use a report to start digesting and breaking down your feedback. Learn about the metrics that you can analyze.

Start a report

You can also watch a video on how to start a report.

  1. Sign in to your account on Chattermill.

  2. On the left, click Reports.

  3. Click Create a new report from scratch. You can also select a template to help you get started.

  4. Select the metric and dates to analyze.

  5. Choose to split your data by selecting a Breakdown.

  6. Under the Filters tab, add your filters and data source.

  7. To change how data is presented, on the lower right, click the type of graph (line graph, data table, or bar chart).

Compare your data with another set of data

Once you have your first set of data under Filters:

  1. Click New series.

  2. Change or add filters on your new series.

This will allow you to compare multiple sets of data (Filter group 1 vs Filter group 2) with one another. Watch how to compare sets of data.

Understand your filters and metadata

Your filters are based on the types of feedback that you receive.

The metadata in each feedback will depend on where the feedback came from. For example, feedback from Twitter will have different metadata from any feedback that came from Trustpilot. It may also depend on things like:

  • Your settings

  • How much information you have on your users/

  • If you or anyone on your team adds any extra metadata.

To add or change filters or metadata, reach out to [email protected].

Share your report

When you’re happy with your analysis, share it with key stakeholders.

  1. On your report, click Share.

  2. Choose who or how you want to share your report..

To export your report, select More.

Watch how to create a report

Watch how to compare your data with series

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