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Get your reports automatically created and shared
Get your reports automatically created and shared

Save time by automatically creating and sharing reports and dashboards at your chosen frequency.

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Save time and automate tracking and monitoring customer feedback and metrics.

Automate your reports

You'll be able to share a report or dashboard, with your teammates via email or Slack on a specific cadence.

  1. Sign in to your account on Chattermill.

  2. On the left, click Workflows > Create Workflow.

  3. Select Reports Scheduled.

  4. Click Dashboard and choose if you want scheduled reports or dashboards.

  5. Select the cadence to send your scheduled reports.

  6. Select the report or dashboard.

  7. Choose how you want your scheduled reports sent.

  8. On the top right, click Create Workflow.

Watch how to schedule reports.

Limits to whom you can share scheduled reports with

  • If your company allows external sharing, you can send reports or dashboards to any valid email address.

  • If external sharing isn't allowed, you’ll only be able to share with teammates with Chattermill accounts.

  • If you’re not sure if your company allows external sharing or not, reach out to [email protected].

On Slack, you can only send to users in your company’s workspace.

What shared reports contain

The message will contain a PDF screenshot of the chosen report or dashboard, and a link.

  • If the recipient has a Chattermill account, they can access the report in Chattermill.

  • If not, they will only be able to see an external sharing link (they can see the data points, but won't be able to click them).

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