Analytics allows you to visualise your data in a series of charts. You can track everything from high-level trends to granular differences between App Store and Google Play reviews. Compare different metrics, data types or times periods, and use whatever type of graph best suits your data.

Building your charts

There are several different chart types you can choose from based on what type of data you're looking at. Take a look at the video below to get an overview of these different charts and how to build them!

As well as different chart types, you also have a range of different metrics to choose from. Based on the data we analyse for you, you can create charts for CSAT, Review Scores or NPS.

We also have a few of our own metrics:

Net Sentiment: This is calculated by subtracting % of Negative theme mentions from % of Positive ones. The metric is a universal approach to measuring customer experience across various channels. It works on a scale ranging from -100 to 100.

Positivity & Negativity Index: The number of positive or negative theme mentions within a set of responses based on your filter selection. Explained in full detail here.

Sentiment Distribution: The ratio of positive to neutral to negative theme mentions. Find out more here.

Don't worry if this seems like a lot to remember - you can hover over any metric in the platform and you'll be able to see the full definition!

Using your charts

Once you're happy with the chart you've created you can save it, add it to a dashboard, share it with a colleague or even export the data to a csv file for some additional analysis! Take a look at the video below to learn more.

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