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How to invite my teammates?
How to invite my teammates?

How to create Chattermill accounts, and add users to projects

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Chattermill gets better with more of your colleagues on board 🀝
To invite a colleague to Chattermill, go to the widget in the bottom left hand corner, and select Team Management.

Here you can enter the email addresses of the users you'd like to add, and select if you want them to be an admin or a normal user. Admins are able to invite other people to Chattermill, and can edit theme tags on comments.

Your colleague will then receive an email inviting them to the project. If they don't have an existing Chattermill account, we will ask them to create one.

Please note: invites are project specific. If your company has multiple Chattermill projects (e.g. a Main account and a Competitor account) the user will need to be invited to each one separately.

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