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How to integrate your Zendesk ticket & CSAT data with Chattermill

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Capture insights from your Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) data through integrating your Zendesk account with Chattermill.

This guide will walk you through how to set up a direct integration between your Zendesk account and Chattermill to enable Chattermill to receive your CSAT responses into your Chattermill account.

You will require a few things to complete the integration:

  • Your Zendesk subdomain name

  • User Email

  • User password

  • Be on a Suite Growth plan or higher

Set Up

To start up your Zendesk CSAT integration with Chattermill, log into your Chattermill account or start your free trial, head to Integrations and select the Zendesk CSAT integration:

Enter your company Zendesk subdomain and hit Connect Your Account:

Enter your account user name and password to complete the authentication process to provide Chattermill with read-only access to your Zendesk CSAT data.

Once this is complete your one-way integration from Zendesk to Chattermill is complete.

Sending Data to Chattermill

Once you have set up your integration we will begin a backdate of up to the previous 3,000 responses as part of your trial and begin pulling in all new responses at a frequency of every 1 hour.

We will fetch ratings that contain comments, these come in two formats:

  • bad_with_comment

  • good_with_comment

In your Chattermill account we store this as CSAT data and map ratings to scores accordingly:

  • Score: 0 = bad_with_comment

  • Score:10 = good_with_comment

Along with your ratings, we also collect the following per response:

  • Assignee Id

  • Comment

  • Url

  • Ticket Id

  • Requester Id

  • Reason

  • Reason Id


  • For additional metadata that you would like to pass to us via integration, please reach out to support or contact your account manager.

  • The integration is one-way and cannot be used to pass data back into Zendesk, please reach out to support or your account manager to find out more about this.

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