Capture your data using Typeforms seamless survey platform and distil actionable insights with Chattermill analytics.

1. The first detected score field will be the accepted metric.

Our Typeform integration accepts simple structure surveys

Accepted score fields include:

  • Opinion_Scale with a number score - shown in the example as “10”

"field": {
"type": "opinion_scale"
"type": "number",
"number": 10

2. The first detected open text field as comment for analysis

The first space in your survey for open text will be accepted and analysed by Chattermill's AI platform.

Accepted text fields type include:

  • Long_Text as customer feedback comment - shown below as “This is my customer feedback”

"field": {
"type": "long_text"
"type": "text",
"text": "This is my customer feedback"

3. In the case that your survey is more complex than this, we have a CSV upload option for targeted matches in each field.


My survey has not been uploaded correctly, what do I do?

Have you checked that the first score and first comment contain the

target data for analysis?

In the example below, questions 1 and 2 will be accepted by our integration only.

My survey has multiple fields and I want to use them all, what do I do?

Try our CSV upload tool or contact us using our Intercom widget.

My survey is still processing, how long will it take?

We understand that you’re eager to start improving your CX and we are working to release estimated processing times soon. Until then, rest assured that the survey will be imported and that we are keeping an eye on the integrations alongside you.

Otherwise, please contact us using our support chat or email us directly. We are here to help you get the most out of your data and pride ourselves on great customer service (obviously).

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