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Custom Themes

Want to create your own theme, read this guide to find out how and why

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What is a Custom Theme?

A Custom Theme is a theme that you can create that will act the same as your existing themes, so you can use the theme in your charts and dashboards, set up a specific workflow or filter through feedback

How do I create a Custom Theme?

  1. Go to your settings page (bottom left) and choose the "Themes" option (or click here)

  2. Click on "+ New Theme" (at the top of the list of existing Theme categories)

  3. Add in a title - this is the name of your Custom Theme

  4. Add in a description - this will help your colleagues understand the theme

  5. Add in your query - this is what we will use to tag responses. You can read our full guide on how to create queries here

  6. Click "Save Theme"


Creating a custom theme

Am I limited to how many custom themes I can create?

No - but if you find yourselves creating many custom themes, it may be worth speaking with your CSM about your existing theme structure

Why are the search results different to what will actually be tagged?

The search results are only meant to provide an indication of the responses likely to be tagged with the new custom theme. The search will pick up on synonyms and semantics. The actual machine learning engine that will be used to tag all the comments takes longer to run but will be much more accurate.

How long until the new theme is applied?

This depends on your data set, we would expect the new theme to be ready within 24 hours.

Will my custom theme be applied to responses received before its creation?

Yes - if you request it, contact our support team directly and we’ll get the process started.

Managing custom themes

Can I edit a custom theme once it’s created?

Yes - You can edit the description and the name of the custom theme, but you cannot change the query once it has been created. If the custom theme is not returning the results you would expect, we can help you build a new custom theme with a different query.

Can I change the category of my custom theme?

No - all custom themes will sit under the “Custom Theme” category.

Can I delete a custom theme?

Yes - you can do this from the Themes page.

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