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Tips & tricks on writing queries for Custom Themes

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Learn what a Custom Theme is and how to create one here

What is a query?

A query is what our Machine Learning engine uses to build the model that tags the responses with that theme

  • Our model recognises synonyms, so don’t worry if your customers have lots of names for the same thing

  • Between 2 to 4 words works best, but our model will run on up to 6 words

  • The search results will differ from what gets tagged (our search function is only intended as a guide)

How to create a Custom Theme query

  1. Provide context - “Bank transfer” instead of “Transfer”. Avoid generic words such as “transfer” as this could have lots of meanings, instead use “bank transfer”.

  2. Provide detail - “Cotton card damage” instead of “damage” Our model only uses what you put in this field, if you’re looking to create something specific, be specific

  3. Avoid noise - “Ripe apples” instead of “Ripeness of apples” The model will think that the noise is part of your query, no need for grammatically correct phrases here


Queries that work well…

  • “Tracking number delivery”

  • “Lost work autosave recover”

Queries that don’t work well…

  • “Apple” - no context, the model needs disambiguation

  • “Existing user tries to open a new account” - user based filter, no overarching theme to follow

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