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July 7 - Launched Betas for Insight Assistant & Phrases 2
July 7 - Launched Betas for Insight Assistant & Phrases 2
Written by Brenna Bustamante
Updated over a week ago

We’ve launched the Beta programs of Insight Assistant and Phrases 2, with the intention to make it much simpler to find key insights in your data without having to read individual pieces of feedback.

As part of Insight Assistant Beta, we’re bringing the power of generative AI to automatically extract the key highlights between any data point of your choosing.

As part of Phrases 2 Beta, we’ve rethought our phrasal engine to make phrases a lot more actionable:

  • Phrases now include the context (eg. “waist fit is too large”)

  • We’ve introduced “parent phrases”, a layer of grouping to make sure you can more effectively find and quantify phrases that have similar meanings

Both Insight Assistant and Phrases 2 are available across all experiences: Feedback, Reports and Dashboards

Check out the announcement here.

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