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Learn how to use this powerful tool that makes data analysis easier and faster for everyone

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What is Insight Assistant

Insight Assistant is a new, GPT-powered tool that helps you summarize any data point, extract the most significant highlights, and instantly get a list of the most commonly mentioned phrases without reading through thousands of comments.

  • Transform large volumes of customer feedback into quick summaries.

  • Discover key highlights in your customer surveys, reviews, conversations, and more.

  • Access immediate insights without reading through hundreds of comments.

  • Get the complete context of each summary by looking at longer, contextually-rich phrases.

  • Easily access sample customer quotes that back up the insights you've found.

  • Add these insights to your dashboards and presentations and share them with your team.

Insight Assistant's AI Engine leverages a cross-section of the best LLM models - including GPT-4. That's why it excels in pinpointing more relevant, granular, and contextually prioritised insights.

How to use Insight Assistant

Click on any data point, from any type of report or dashboard, and the side panel will show you the insights.

Highlight & Quotes

The highlight section shows you a summarization of what your customers are saying in the selected data point.

To see examples of quotes directly from your customers, expand the "Show quotes" option below the paragraph. These are lifted straight from your customer feedback.

πŸ’‘ Top Tip - apply a report filter or a breakdown at the theme or category level to get even more focused results.


This section shows the phrases mentioned by your customers, we have grouped similar phrases together to avoid duplication, but you can expand each grouping to see the individual phrases within.

πŸ’‘ Top Tip - apply a report filter or a breakdown at the theme or category level to order phrases by most relevant.

You can view the responses from either the individual phrase level or the grouping level by clicking on the 'view responses' icon next to the chosen phrase/grouping.

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