The Feedback page gives you a complete overview of all customer comments, and allows you to conduct searches based on comment content and metadata (data associated with the comment such as data source or date submitted).

Select a comment to see all associated metadata, add tags, or edit themes.

N:B The sentiment chart in the top right hand corner is dynamic and will change depending on the search query. You can switch between different metrics.

Search 🔎

The search box allows you to find comments based on keywords, associated customer metadata, attributes or themes.

Click the search settings icon in the search bar to narrow your search to a specific field, and use 'Search techniques' for some top tips!

Filters 📊

You can use filters to view comments that meet a specific criteria e.g. all comments from a specific data source over the past 30 days. Click Add Filter to search for the criteria you want your responses to meet.


Segments allow you to bookmark a set of filters, so that these can be re-used or shared with team members. You can switch between segments, add new segments, and manage sharing using the drop-down in the top left of your page.

To find out more about using Segments, click here.


You can also filter comments by category or theme, using the bar on the right hand side of your page. Hovering over each theme will reveal icons you can use to increase granularity by showing only positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

For a reminder of the criteria used for each theme, click the '?' icon next to THEMES.

You can type in the search bar to find a specific theme.

Sharing Comments 🤝

You can create a sharing link to share a set of comments with other people in your organisation, regardless of if they have a Chattermill login.

Export to CSV

At the top right of page you have the option to export your current view, by selecting 'Export to CSV'. You can use this if you'd like to do additional manipulation of your data outside of Chattermill.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected] 😊

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