The Feedback page gives you a complete overview of all customer comments, and allows you to conduct searches based on comment content and metadata, the data associated with the comment.

The Feedback page

The Feedback page is made up of 4 sections: Filters, Feedback, Themes and Phrases, and finally Sentiment and Scores. You can find the exact comments you need by combining different Filters, Themes, and Phrases as explained below.


Filters are based on comment metadata, so you can filter based on anything from keywords and insightfulness to date, source, and scores. Below you can see a keyword filtering example. You can use Filters to save Segments and use them across the platform.

Metadata on comments

Hover over on any comment and click on the gear icon, to add metadata (such as data type or language) to the bottom of each comment.

Using Feedback search

Once you hover over the Search feedback field at the top, the settings icon will appear. Click the icon to see different "Search techniques" you can use to surface only the comments you're looking for.


Click on any comment and add existing (or create new) tags to the specific comment.

Creating tags

You can later filter comments using tags, so make sure you keep a clean list of tags. For example, you can use a standard format for similar tags as shown below. This will allow you to easily find the tags you need, and also to make sure your team members understand what each tag is for.


On the right side of the Feedback page, you'll see the available Themes. Hovering over each theme will reveal icons you can use to increase granularity by showing only positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

Understanding Themes

If you wish to understand what each Theme means, you can click the question mark at the top of the Themes list, and review the Theme definitions in the panel that will appear.

Combining Themes

If you want you apply to more than one Theme, you'll need to decide if you want to see the Feedback that matches ANY or ALL of the Themes you've selected. Check out the following video to understand how to customise this.


This feature surfaces the phrases your users are mentioning the most, grouping sentences with similar meanings into a single 'Phrase' which you can use to dig deeper into your data. For example, any comments regarding the ease of use of your website, will be grouped into a filter called "Easy website".

Sentiment and Scores

The sentiment charts in the top right hand corner are dynamic and will change depending on the selected filters and search criteria.


Segments allow you to bookmark a set of filters, so that these can be re-used or shared with team members. You can switch between Segments, add new Segments, and manage sharing using the drop-down in the top left of your page. Learn more about Segments.

Sharing comments

You can create a sharing link to share a set of comments with other people in your organisation without requiring them to create a Chattermill login. Check out the video to see how you can do this.

Export to CSV

At the top right of the Feedback page, you have the option to export your current view, by selecting Export to CSV. You can use this if you'd like to do additional manipulation of your data outside of Chattermill.

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