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Understanding Social CX Analytics
Understanding Social CX Analytics

Learn how to analyse your customer feedback from popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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With Social CX Analytics, Chattermill can now analyse your customers' social media posts, replies, and comments from hundreds of web sources and social sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Tripadvisor, or YouTube.

This is a huge step towards building the Unified Customer Intelligence platform for our customers and putting you in the driver’s seat of a revenue-driving VOC program within your company.

Which social media channels can I analyse with Chattermill?

Chattermill can integrate with a number of social media platforms, including but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Pinterest, Reddit, YouTube, Tripadvisor,, Google and Amazon Reviews, Tumblr, Blogs and Forums.

I already use a social media listening platform. Can I integrate it with Chattermill?

Yes, we can integrate with the most popular social media listening and monitoring platforms available on the market (e.g Brandwatch). Reach out to our support team to learn more.

Can I analyse messages from social media chats?

If you already use a social media listening and monitoring platform that collects messages from your social media chats (Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, Twitter Chat), we can also integrate these into Chattermill and help you analyse why your customers get in touch, or see the root causes of the main issues.

Do you filter social media data before the analysis?

Yes, to prepare the data for analysis, we first identify the responses that do not contain an active voice of the customer and are, in fact, promotional or miscellaneous content that does not contain any customer experience insights. We can then exclude it from the analysis, filtering through the noise. Once this step is complete, we are ready to begin analysing the data and discovering insights.

Do I need a new theme structure specifically for social media data?

It is not unusual for existing theme structures to be a good fit for analysing social media data, and often the case that no new theme structure is needed. However, in some instances, such as when the types of data from social media are distinctly different to what is captured via other channels, a new theme structure can be created specifically for your social media data.

What about phrases?

The phrasal analysis will work in exactly the same way it works for existing data sources.

How do you handle emojis, hashtags, and other symbols from social media posts and messages?

We can capture and filter emojis and hashtags from social media data.

Do you collect any additional attributes from social media responses (number of followers, likes, impressions etc.)?

Depending on the source of data, we can capture the number of comments, shares, likes, followers or views. Chattermill can also capture additional attributes such as city, country, domain, or URL.

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