Multiple studies have found that the more questions per survey, the higher the respondent drop-off rate from start to finish.

Few respondents are willing to complete a lengthy survey. If you are trying to optimise for completed survey responses, it’s best to keep your survey short.

Chattermill’s ability to analyse text using your custom theme structure provides an opportunity to decrease respondent drop-off rate by lowering the number of questions per survey. 

Open-ended questions, when implemented correctly, allow you to capture a much richer level of insight than multiple choice surveys whilst dramatically reducing the overall length of surveys. It’s important to consider best practices when sending out open-ended surveys such as avoiding the use of a leading question and survey frequency. (Read more on survey best practices here). 

While the advantage of using short surveys have been well understood for decades, only with the recent developments in text analytics did the quality and usability of insight they generate has overtaken multiple-choice survey.

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