When we receive a new comment in your Chattermill Project, our powerful AI automatically applies one or more Themes to it in order to help you understand how your customers feel about your product. To achieve this, we analyse the topics that are consistently being mentioned in your data and create a Theme Structure that suits your business. Checkout the following video to see this feature in action.

You can also create your own custom theme, read more here

Theme categories

Themes are organised into Categories that group related Themes. For example, if "receipt" and "confirmation email" are mentioned, then we'll apply a Theme called "Receipt / Email Confirmation", and we'll add that under the Category "Checkout Experience", as shown below.

Theme definitions

If you want to understand what each Theme means, you can click the question mark at the top of the Themes list, and review the Theme definitions in the panel that will appear.

Theme sentiment

Themes are automatically assigned a sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative) depending on the content of the comment analysed. When you hover over the Theme you want to use, you can click on the green, grey, or red icons, to see only the positive, neutral, or negative mentions of this Theme, as shown in the example below.

Combining Themes

If you want to apply to more than one Theme, you'll need to decide if you want to see the comments that match ANY or ALL of the Themes you've selected. Check out the following video to understand how to customise this.

Custom Themes

A Custom Theme is a theme that you can create that will act the same as your existing themes, so you can use the theme in your charts and dashboards, set up a specific workflow or filter through feedback, read more about Custom Themes here.

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