Tagging Validation

What is tagging validation?

  • This step can begin once you have been granted access to your project(s) which contains a sample of your data tagged according to your new theme structure(s).

  • To ensure you're happy with the tagging, please go through the categories/themes and have a look at how the tags have been applied - we call this the tagging validation stage.

  • This exercise is your opportunity to make significant changes to your tagging, before we deploy your model.

What is tagging validation best practice?

  • We want to know if you feel groups of comments are missing particular theme tags or if any tags have been unnecessarily applied - so you do not need to check every single comment.

  • If have any comments, questions or feel that a change needs to be made, please add this to the Tagging Feedback tab of your Theme Structure document and notify your CSM.

What is model deployment?

  • Model deployment is when we activate the algorithm trained on the comment sample you reviewed. From this point forward, the model will process the remaining backdate and all new, incoming data.

  • This is why the validation exercise is your opportunity to make requests significant changes to your tagging.

  • Once this validation exercise is complete, your model will be deployed. 🎉

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