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Create a Workflow

Automate important updates to be sent to you and your team.

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The workflows page gives you transparency into all of the workflows you and your team have set up, and allows to you instantly create new workflow actions.

To add a new workflow, click on the ‘Create Workflow’ button in the top right-hand corner. From this view you can select the workflow type, and add filters and actions.

Details on each of the workflows are as follows:

  • New feedback received: Get notified every time you get new feedback matching your chosen filters.

  • Scheduled Report: Get your reports and dashboards automatically sent to you and your team members. Learn more about how to automate these here.

  • Metric changed: Get notified every time a metric increases or decreases past a certain value. This allows you to investigate any major changes without having to manually check a report yourself.

  • Anomaly detected: Always know when a metric value goes outside of the normal range. Learn more about how Chattermill defines anomalies.

Workflows Menu

This view shows every workflow set up by you and your team. You can see details about each one at a glance:

  • Status: Marks whether the workflow is active or paused.

  • Name: The name you’ve given the workflow.

  • Type: Shows the type of workflow

  • Filters: Shows the filters added via a drop-down menu

  • Actions: Lists any actions you’ve included in the workflow, whether sending via Email or Slack

  • Last updated: Timestamps the last time the workflow was edited

  • Created by: The name of the user who has created the workflow

You can sort all of your workflows by those that are active or paused, and search by name. Clicking on an individual workflow will open up the workflow editor, where you can update the settings of each workflow.

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