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Set up alerts for when there’s new or updated data
Set up alerts for when there’s new or updated data

Stay on top of new or updated data with Workflows.

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Always stay on top of data that matters to your business.

Types of triggers for your alerts

New response received: Get notified every time you get new feedback matching your chosen filters.

Anomaly detected: Always know when a metric value goes outside of the normal range. You’ll receive a report containing the last 6 months, highlighting where the anomaly has been detected. Learn how Chattermill defines anomalies.

Metric changed: Get notified every time a metric increases or decreases past a certain value. This allows you to investigate any major changes without having to manually check a report yourself.

To set up alerts for metrics or filters that are not yet available in the product, reach out to [email protected].

Set up alerts

  1. Sign in to your account on Chattermill.

  2. On the left, click Workflows > Create Workflow.

  3. Select the type of trigger.

  4. Add your filters or segments.

  5. Choose how you want your alerts sent.

  6. On the top right, click Create Workflow.

Watch how to create alerts for your data

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