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Chattermill API

Information about the Chattermill API and helpful links

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Most operations on Chattermill are available both through our app interface and the API.

When to use Chattermill API?

The API allows complete flexibility in use cases but these are the most popular ones are:

  • Programmatically sending data to Chattermill. Your team can use the API to send data directly into Chattermill without integration with another tool. It could be data from your Data Warehouse or internal tooling.

  • Programmatically enriching data on Chattermill. This way you can enrich the data on Chattermill using attributes from a CRM, a Data Warehouse or another source.

  • Saving Chattermill data into a Data Warehouse or another system of record.

Where to learn more about the Chattermill API?

Full API documentation is available on

How do I get an API key?

You can get an API Key via the Settings page.

Where can I ask questions about the API?

Feel free to reach out to us via the in-app chat or at [email protected].

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