How to use Search in Feedback

How to use Search in Feedback to find exactly what you need

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Comments often come with a tonne of metadata and all of this is searchable. You can search for comments solely based on keywords in the comment itself, or based on the metadata associated with the comment.

Clicking the gear icon in the search bar will allow you to narrow down exactly where you want to search.

If you click 'Search techniques' you can see a full list of techniques that allow you to combine queries, or exclude specific search responses. You can also find them below:


Put “comment:” in front of your keywords to search only translated comments’ content.


If you need to search for exact phrases, put the text inside quotes.

comment:"great service provider"

Use space to search for multiple keywords.

comment:good great bad

Put ”original:“ to search original comments’ text.

original:buena grande malo


Put “score:” in front of a number to search for comments with a given score.


Put “TO” between two score numbers to search within a range of score values.

score:[5 TO 8]


Put “tag:” in front of tag names.

tag:promoters tag:detractors

Data type and source

Put “type:” in front of data type values.


Use “source:” to search for responses with given data sources.

source:"NPS Survey"

Response attributes

To filter responses by a specific attribute, mention its name with a value you want to search by.
❗️If the attribute or value name consists of multiple words, put the text inside “quotes”.

"Item Name":"The Babar with Succulent"

This approach is useful if you want to apply a complex search query with different filters connected by the ”OR” operator (see the ”Combine searches” section for more details).

Exclude search queries

Put - in front of a search query you want to leave out. This option is available for all the search areas.

comment:good -bad


tag:promoters -tag:detractors

Combine searches

Put “OR“ between each search query.

comment:good OR score:[8 TO 10] OR tag:promoters

Custom Segments

Got a query you search for frequently? Write your query into the search bar and save it as a custom segment so you can use it again in the future.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch [email protected]

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