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We're excited to introduce a new feature that leverages the power of chatGPT to provide summarised insights from your customer support conversations.

This FAQ document will guide you through the key features and benefits of this feature and explain how you can switch between viewing the summary and the conversation thread within our app.

What is Summarisation?

Summarisation is a powerful addition to our product that utilizes chatGPT to automatically summarise your customer support conversations. It analyses the back-and-forth turns between a customer and an agent and generates a concise summary in bullet point format, highlighting the key points and insights of the conversation.

What are the benefits of using Summarisation?

  • Time-saving: Instead of manually reading through lengthy conversations, summarisation provides you with a quick overview, enabling you to understand the essential details and take action efficiently.

  • Improved productivity: By having access to a condensed summary, you can extract valuable information without having to go through the entire conversation, helping you prioritise and respond to customer inquiries more effectively.

  • Enhanced decision-making: The summarised insights allow you to identify trends, recurring issues, and important customer feedback, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

How do I access the Conversation Summary?

To access the conversation summary, follow these steps:

  1. Open the conversation thread you wish to view.

  2. Look for the "Summary" button or icon, located in the upper-right corner of the conversation view.

  3. Click on the "Summary" button to switch to the summarised view.

You can easily switch back to the full conversation thread after viewing the summary. Simply click ‘Thread’ to switch back to the whole conversation. Your preferred view will be saved so the next time you open another Conversation you will be able to see the Summary or Thread by default.

Is summarisation available for all pricing plans?

Summarisation is available for all pricing plans, subject to your Data Processing Agreement. Please refer to your plan details or reach out to our team to confirm if the feature is included in your subscription.

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