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Troubleshoot issues with Chattermill
Troubleshoot data not appearing while searching
Troubleshoot data not appearing while searching

Learn why you might not be seeing the same data as others.

Written by Brenna Bustamante
Updated over a week ago

If there is certain data that you can’t see, it might be because you’re part of a data permission group. Currently, there’s no way to check, but a good indication is that the volume of responses on values you do not have permission for will be at zero for a specific filter.

For example, if there is a filter drop-down showing a lot of responses for some values and zero for all the others, it might indicate that you have a data permission group applied to your account. Contact your admin to check.

Find your admin

  1. Sign in to Chattermill.

  2. On the left, click Home.

  3. Under How Chattermill works, you’ll see your admin’s contact details.

How a data permission group may affect you

  1. Viewing shared reports. You may see the same format of report, but you’ll only see the data that you have access to, so it might show different data, depending if you have access or not.

  2. Setting up alerts or scheduled reports. You can set up alerts or scheduled reports for any data, but you’ll only receive data you can access.

  3. Getting alerts or scheduled reports set up by someone else.

    • If someone else creates an alert or scheduled report and shares it with you, you’ll only receive data you have permission for.

    • If the action shares with an open tool, like Slack, then any in-app rendering will use the creator's data permissions. But if you click on the link, you’ll only see data you can access.

  4. Sharing reports and dashboards internally. Data permission restrictions on your account won’t apply to other users. Instead, they may see a report with a filter added that shows your data permissions. For example, if you only have access to “Region” = “North West” and you share a report internally, when others open that report, they will see the report with a filter (Region MATCH ANY “North West”).

  5. Sharing reports externally. Other people will see reports exactly how you see them unless they are also a Chattermill user. If they have access to that project and are signed in, they’ll see the report with their own data permissions.

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