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Migration to new, context-rich and actionable Phrases
Migration to new, context-rich and actionable Phrases

Learn how we improved our Phrases to bring more actionable and contextually-rich insights.

Written by Natalia Dwórznik
Updated over a week ago

In recent months, we’ve been improving Phrases to make them clearer, contextual, and more actionable. We aimed to help our users understand customer feedback faster without having to read through the full comments. New Phrases are lengthier and include entire clauses, providing a complete understanding of the context behind each message.

Migration to new Phrases

Starting August 15th, 2023, we will progressively migrate all active projects onto the latest Phrases 2.0 version.

What are Phrases? What is the difference between Themes and Phrases?

Themes and Phrases are two different yet complementary ways to analyze your CX data:


When we receive a new comment in your Chattermill Project, our powerful AI automatically applies one or more Themes to it to help you understand how your customers feel about your product. Technically, themes are MECE (mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive) - which means they will cover all key significant themes in your data while ensuring accuracy by limiting the risks of double counting. You will usually have 60-100 themes per project.


This feature surfaces the phrases your users mention most. They are automatically extracted from customer surveys, reviews or support tickets and are meant to be specific and descriptive. You will usually have 500-1000 phrases per project.

Which projects will be migrated to new Phrases?

We will be migrating all active projects to new Phrases. By “active”, we mean projects that received data over the past 90 days, or were actively used over that time to run reports and dashboards.

Do not hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to check if your projects will be migrated.

What will happen to my old phrases?

When we switch to new Phrases, we will not store the old phrases anywhere.

What happens to reports and workflows with old phrase filters?

Any entities with old phrases as filters will need to be manually updated.

As this migration introduces new context-rich, actionable Phrases, all filters that are based on previous phrases will need to be manually adjusted: reports and workflows that include one or more phrases-based filters will need to be updated.

Does it work on all data types?

Yes! New Phrases will be rolled out across feedback, support, and social data.

How do I know if my project has already been migrated to new Phrases?

You should see a lot longer and more actionable phrases when going to the Feedback page and checking out the Phrases tab. Do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager with any questions.

How can I use Phrases?


In the Feedback page, you can filter feedback data based on specific context-rich phrases, giving you quick access to relevant CX data.


You can slice and dice your sentiment data using Phrases to get a fine-grained look at what users say that drives most sentiment. You can also filter your report based on specific phrases.


You can create an automation that will send an email or drop a message in Slack whenever a response matches a specific phrase.

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