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Troubleshoot issues with Chattermill
Fix common issues with Chattermill
Fix common issues with Chattermill
Written by Brenna Bustamante
Updated over a week ago

Check how to fix some of the common issues you might run into with Chattermill.

Fix issues with scheduled reports or alerts not sending

If you’re not receiving any notifications for your scheduled reports or alerts, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Check if the user is in the Slack channel. The user who set up your organization’s Slack integration must be in the Slack channel for the workflow to send the response there. Send to a public channel or a direct message to make sure it gets sent.

  • Check if you have too many filters. Sometimes, having strict filters can restrict the responses you get. See how many responses match your conditions in the last 30 days. If there aren't many, then, there may not have been any responses that have come through recently.

If none of these troubleshooting steps work, send the workflow ID (found in the URL) and some example response IDs of the ones that weren’t sent to [email protected].

Fix issues with the volume of data not matching real feedback

  • If you send us responses via S3 or Google Cloud and the volumes you have sent don’t match what you see in the platform, this may be due to column headers that have changed or are incorrect.

    • Check that the file has been uploaded to the correct folder and is in the correct format.

    • To make changes or add additional fields, contact [email protected].

  • If you send us responses through an integration (Usabilla, SurveyMonkey etc) and the volumes do not look correct, check your API key to see if it may have expired.

If your volumes still do not match, send an export of the expected volumes so the team can investigate.

Can’t sign in to Chattermill

  • If you haven’t been invited to Chattermill before, you may need to be invited by an admin first.

  • If you’re an admin, check if you see a pending invite. Click Resend to send the invite again.

  • If you had a Chattermill account before, contact support to restore your account.

Can’t export PDFs or CSVs

  • Check the download tab of your browser after a few minutes.

  • Check your pending exports. On Chattermill, at the bottom left, click Notifications.

  • If your export isn’t downloading, there may be a large queue. Wait an hour, then try to export again.

  • If the problem continues, contact [email protected]

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